About Cleaver Construction

It has been twenty eight years since Cleaver Construction first became an official company. Don first started and became owner and operator of Cleaver Construction in 1989 at the age of 35. Prior to starting Cleaver Construction, Donald worked on building hundreds residential and commercial buildings through large corporations that he was previously employed through.

Don remarks on the first project Cleaver Construction worked on. Our first project was working on a gardening center named Harvest Exchange in Wall Township, New Jersey. The owner knew who I was, and he knew what I was capable of so he hired me to build his business. Since Cleaver Construction first started as a company that built what seems to be a minor, small gardening center, Cleaver Construction has grown into a company which has built, remodeled or added additions to numerous residential and commercial buildings throughout the state of New Jersey ranging in value up to about $1,800,000.

Throughout the twenty two years Cleaver Construction has been in business, the company has led the construction of a variety of construction projects. In total, Cleaver Construction does all phases of construction ranging from performing renovations, additions and modifications to building large residential and commercial buildings from the ground up. The majority of the homes that Cleaver Construction builds are waterfront homes which are either along the ocean or along a bay.

For clients looking to build a new home, Don will work with you on creating a blueprint of your home with an architect. At that point, Don will work on making that design on paper a reality. Overall, Don ascertains that he will work with his clients on tailoring their construction project to their individual needs and desires. As indicated on our Portfolio page, Cleaver Construction has built brand new homes, built brand new commercial buildings and performed renovations or additions in Toms River, Manahawkin, Lavallette, Rumson, Mantoloking, Spring Lake, Bay Head, Manchester, Little Egg Harbor, Newark, Menlo Park, and numerous other towns throughout the state of New Jersey.

About Donald "Don" Cleaver

Donald Cleaver is the owner and operator of the New Jersey building company, Cleaver Construction. Donald Cleaver has an array of experience in various building industry fields in addition to a very large amount of on-the-site experience in the industry. He started his company in Toms River in 1989 at the age of 34. Since then, Don has been making literally hundreds of dream projects become a reality.

Don first moved to Toms River at the age of nine in 1964 from West New York, New Jersey, making him a resident of Toms River for 47 years and a lifelong New Jersey resident. During this period of time, Toms River was beginning to be developed into the large town it is today. Don credits the start of his interest in building to be him watching the town being developed and him thinking to himself that he wants to be a part of doing what he saw as something amazing as a child.


Above all, Don believes that his most prominent skills as owner and operator of Cleaver Construction are his ability to look at a plan and visualize how it will be built and his ability to greatly enhance a basic design. Beyond that, as indicated throughout this website, Don is a skilled carpenter in various fields and is skilled in various construction fields.